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No, Biden's China Policy Will Not Be Trump 2.0

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

The Seattle Times has an op-ed out "The path to a new China policy" from Michael Burke and me:

We have no illusions that the US and China (or China and its other major trading partners) are going back to the halcyon days of the early post-WTO accession period. But, having an executive branch that avoids the inflammatory, short-sided vitriol of the outgoing administration will be a welcome change.

There is much the Biden administration needs to fix after the past four years...but if business is to be disrupted, let there be some larger strategic aim in play, rather than the mercurial musings of a man who sees all transactions in a “I win-You lose” calculus. The prospect of an administration that recognizes the need for allies to work together offers hope for a more realistic, coherent and ultimately constructive China policy for America and our friends.

Here's to Biden 1.0 and alliance-based diplomacy!

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